Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd. (SDL) is a full-service consulting structural engineering firm. Founded in 1966, SDL has provided the structural design and contract documents for many types of projects located throughout the United States and overseas. SDL’s engineers are registered in 46 states (plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Saskatchewan and the US Virgin Islands) and consult with architectural firms, owners, and design-build contractors.

SDL has extensive experience in virtually every type of structure, including cultural, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, housing, industrial, laboratories, mixed use, office, parking, religious, retail, sports, and specialty structures. Many of these projects include new structures; however, many of these projects also include the renovation of existing structures.

In the past, older buildings were routinely demolished. Today, because owners and the public are concerned about conservation and adaptive reuse, older buildings are more likely to be renovated than demolished. Many of the design and analysis principals used for new structures also apply to renovated structures. Also, if the cost of new work associated with renovating an existing structure is a substantial portion of the replacement cost of the existing structure, then the existing structure must be made to conform to the requirements of a new building under many building codes.