Parking Deck Rehabilitations

Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd. (SDL) has investigated many types of parking deck structures, including conventionally reinforced and post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete, precast, and structural steel, with varying degrees of deterioration, ranging from early cracking to serious spalls and post-tensioned tendon failures. SDL has worked successfully with owners to observe, investigate and repair their parking decks for serviceability issues like water intrusion, inadequate precast bearing pads, element strength issues, and numerous other maintenance concerns.

Parking structures are generally exposed directly to weather. Exposure to sun, wind, temperature changes, rain, and de-icing salts conspire to reduce the service life of parking structures. SDL has found that a primary cause of distress in parking structures is the presence of water. Understanding the source of water intrusion is critical to stopping and preventing deterioration of the structure. SDL utilizes a top-down approach toward water issues by including recommendations for sealing surfaces and cracks where water comes in contact with the structure.

SDL understands that owners are working under budget and time constraints and therefore repair recommendations can be provided in the following categories to help owners prioritize repair work: (1) Emergency Repair (Immediate) – Areas discovered during SDL’s initial walk-throughs that are deemed as immediate concerns for life safety are designated as emergency repairs; (2) Critical Repair (1-2 years) – These are issues that can severely affect the integrity of the structure if not corrected. Structural elements are considered safe to remain in use, but delaying repair will create greater magnitude of repairs in the future. Prolonged postponement of the repairs could lead to unsafe conditions; (3) Near-term Repairs (3-5 years) – These items should be addressed to save on maintenance cost and time at a future date; and (4) Long-term Repairs (5-10 years) – Preventative maintenance to reduce the likelihood of emergency, critical, or near-term repairs in the future.

SDL’s goal for parking deck rehabilitation projects is to extend the life of a parking deck structure and to offer economical, feasible repair solutions that will minimize disruptions of use. SDL’s relevant experience on parking deck evaluations allows a streamlined approach to identifying problems and providing recommendations for maintenance and repair. The effectiveness of SDL’s design approach has been validated by numerous satisfied clients.